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There are many different strategies a local businesses must implement to keep their business rolling, email marketing is one of those strategies. Implementing an email marketing campaign requires time and energy to ensure that your campaign is successful.  Email marketing campaigns are more relevant and important  today than ever. Email marketing campaigns can be used to promote events, products, services, education and to raise brand awareness. The beauty about email marketing for local businesses today, are the new tools that have been created. Here at Organized Pixels, we use an email marketing tool called Active Campaign. Active Campaign is a tool allows you to create an email marketing campaign, collect a data base of subscribers that have opted in, broadcast (send in bulk) emails to those subscribers and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. 

Mobile is a huge in digital marketing and more than 65% of emails in the United States is read on smartphones or mobile devices. Email marketing, when used the right way, will be a highly effective marketing strategy. Staying in touch with customers by providing useful and relevant information like an email newsletter is another effective marketing technique.

A Good List of Contacts

Every business needs a good list of contacts in their database of opted in subscribers that you can send promotional material with the push of button. Some local businesses create their own list while others buy email addresses. Pop-ups are a nuisance to many of us, but the fact is that these pop-ups or light boxes have the ability to grow email lists far quicker than traditional email signup fields in a website. Pop-ups are like asking for the sale, asking for the sale is rule number one in sales. Here at Organized Pixels we use Lead Pages as our pop-up tool of choice. Not only does Lead Pages provide pop-ups, but they also provide landing pages and text message marketing opportunities. There is no denying that in 2016, local businesses are still getting creative with email marketing and seeing their businesses expanding as a result, make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

If you’re a local business and need to start an email marketing campaign (and you do) feel free to contact us today.  

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