Over 27 years ago these talented bakers started baking in their grandma’s kitchen in Mobile, Alabama. They loved tasting her cakes and soon enough she had them busy cracking the eggs and adding the butter. As a teenager, they attended summer baking classes, never forgetting the masterful combination of art and flavor that they came to appreciate as a youth. In time, they moved to Georgia to perfect their design and baking skills. They studied with Jermene, a baker from France. After years of studying with Jermene, they started working in local grocery stores as a pastry chef and as a Wilton Method Instructor. Having perfected their trade, designing cakes as beautiful as they were tasty, they created Custom Design Cakes.Come take a virtual tour at Cupcake Divas and satisfy your sweet tooth! They will create a custom design cake for any special occasion! Get your custom cake today!

Cupcake Divas

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