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Google Grants is considered the biggest missed marketing opportunity for nonprofits. Why? Because most nonprofits don’t know how to use the $10,000. Adwords has a steep learning curve and you have to be experienced in Adwords to be successful.

Fact: The average nonprofit will only use $300-$450 per month from their monthly $10,000.

Receiving Professional Help

More often than not, most nonprofits do not seek out help in managing their Google Grant. We have spoken to many nonprofits and seem to hear the same story: “It doesn’t seem that hard, we can create a simple ad“. This is true; creating an ad and generating click is not difficult task.

What becomes difficult and what almost every nonprofit struggle with “what happens after the click”. If the user is not subscribing to your newsletter, becoming a volunteer, donating, etc.. then the “clicks” to your website did not achieve the goal of  Google Adwords marketing campaignThese “goals” are known as a conversion. Your nonprofit must track conversions, not clicks, and without the proper strategy in place for what happens after the click, you will continue to struggle with Google Grants. Organized Pixels, is a nonprofit digital marketing agency, helping small to national nonprofits get the most out of Google Grants.

Organized Pixels Google Grant Services

100% Guaranteed Google Grant and Maintenance of Eligibility Criteria: We will help your nonprofit organization maintain the minimum eligibility criteria each month for your $10,000 Google Grant. We can even apply on your behalf which maximizes your chances of eligibility for the program.

Our service also includes

Reviewing your organization’s website each month, making necessary changes to include new keywords on a 90-day period and ensuring that your Google Ads continually reflect the mission of your nonprofit organization.

Managing the AdWords Account: Many nonprofits do not know how and where to invest their $10,000 grant. In this regard, we will manage your Google Grant and guide you with the most effective online marketing strategy for expanding your donor base and maximizing donations. We’ll create the ads (ad copy), generate the keywords, and improve your click through rate on a weekly basis, while providing you with a performance report on a monthly and weekly basis.

Complying with Google Policies: Google has laid out strict instructions and policies that need to be complied with for a Google Grant. These include creating ads that redirect the viewer to a single URL of the nonprofit organization, reviewing the AdWords account on a periodical basis and not using the ads for any commercial advertisement.

We’re a Google Partner, approved by Google Grants, ensuring that all guidelines are being complied with at all times.

Saving Time

Even if a nonprofit organization qualifies for Google Grants, the application procedure takes time, between 4-6 hours. The trustees and managers need to carefully read and understand the eligibility rules for initial application. We’ll help you save time by analyzing all the documents, assessing eligibility and applying on your behalf – saving you the time and hassle so you can concentrate on promoting your organization’s mission and cause.

Saving Costs

We believe pursuing an agency for your Google Grant is an investment, not an expense. We’ll help your organization save costs and reduce your overall marketing planning and execution expenses. If you are interested in having Organized Pixels manage your Google Grant, please Click Here.

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